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Erieau is a charming village peninsula on Lake Erie, home to 363 residents. Locals enjoy the best of lakeside living in an active and welcoming community. Throughout the year, Erieau residents welcome people from across Chatham-Kent who enjoy the close proximity to the beaches, views from the iconic lighthouse pier, and visiting local shops and restaurants along the main strip. Settle in over local brews and beautiful views at Bayside Brewing Co., fresh perch at Molly & OJs, or a refreshing ice cream from Mariner's Cone & Shake. You can join in on local pride with locally-made apparel from Five-Eau clothing. Erieau is also home to a gift cabin, volunteer library, a Fire Hall, an LCBO, and a gift shop. Erieau is a 15 minute drive to Blenheim for many other daily needs.


    Mailing Address
    St. Paul's Church
    90 Forsyth Drive
    Blenheim, ON
    N0P 1A0

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    The Erieau community stays active throughout the year, heading to the beach, walking nature trails at McGeachy Pond Conservation Area Trail, Erieau Boulevard Trail and the Erieau Marsh Trail, and skating on the bay side is popular in the winter. The summer months are busy with locals and tourists alike enjoying outdoor events like the annual Boulevard of Dreams Car Show and Art on the Boulevard, popular fishing spots behind the Fire Hall or along the pier, boat launches available at the Erieau Marina, and of course, swimming in one of Canada's Great Lakes. The Erieau Yacht Club offers summer swimming and sailing lessons, and hosts racing events, a Children's Summer Camp Program and community events.

    Across the bay, and a ten minute drive away is the village of Shrewsbury. Shrewsbury hosts an annual Maple Syrup Festival and the Shrewsbury Ribs N' Blues Festival. It is also home to Shrewsbury/Rondeau Kayaks and Bait, which rents kayaks and holds kayak fitness classes. Explore the bay and adjacent marsh areas, and hear local history stories to learn more about the area.

    We welcome you to come explore Erieau to see if it's the community for you! Visit Erieau for a weekend and you'll soon be looking for your next home to join the lakeside lifestyle.



    Marg Bliss (Warden)
    Jacqui Campbell (Deputy Warden)
    Jane Cartier (Warden)
    Jacqui Campbell (Clerk)
    Dennis Cartier (Treasurer)
    Dennis Cartier (Parish Officer)
    Jordan Coatsworth (Parish Officer)
    Sandy Jones (Parish Officer)
    Kathy Noble (Parish Officer)
    Karen Stoner (Partnership Rep.)
    Joyce Vidler (Parish Officer)


    Ron McCracken (Organist)


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