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Our churches are holy places where adults and children come together to worship, to grow in faith and to reach out in loveto each other and to the world. It is our intention to create places of ministry where our young people, who come to us in trust, are nurtured in faith while always being kept safe and healthy.

TheDiocese of Huron has programs in place designed to create and assist parishes in providing a safe environment for those who would be involved in the various aspects of Church life. We know that our activities as the family of the Church take place in many places, whether in the buildings of the Church or the parish hall, or the other places where we gather together as the followers of Christ. We meet in large groups or small, sometimes as only two or three,but when we meet and whenever we provide premises, we want to ensure that it is safe for those who attend.

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    Safe Church

    As members of the Christian community within the Anglican Diocese of Huron, we affirm the dignity and worth of all persons, young or old, male or female, rich or poor. Through our baptism as Christians, we have committed our lives to following the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. In this commitment we have willingly and knowingly entered into a ‘Covenant Relationship’, the values of which are contained within this document. Adherence to this covenant is seen and understood as a necessary and vital component of each of our lives as members of the Anglican Diocese of Huron.

    Our Sacred Trust

    We are abundantly blessed with gifted and committed clergy, employees and volunteers who offer their talents in full recognition of their obligations. It is critical for all of us to ensure that those we place in positions of power and trust be selected, trained and supported so that their ministry may be life-giving.

    Compliance Report

    Canon 40 requires that every parish that runs programs or services for children, youth or vulnerable adults, shall implement a screening program for volunteers and employees. The Canon further requires that all parishes, diocesan and deanery organizations sponsoring activities involving vulnerable persons, shall submit a compliance report annually.