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A wedding is one of life’s great moments, a time of solemn commitment as well as good wishes, feasting and joy. St John tells us how Jesus shared in such an occasion at Cana, and gave there a sign of new beginnings as he turned water into wine. Marriage is intended by God to be a creative relationship, as his blessing enables individuals to love and support each other in good times and in bad. For Christians, marriage is also an invitation to share life together in the spirit of Jesus Christ.

Persons interested in being married in the Rondeau Bay Transfiguration Partnership should contact the Partnership Priest as soon as possible and at least 3 months before the proposed ceremony. Couples should not make financial commitments or print invitations or invite musicians or other clergy to participate at their ceremony without receiving permission from the Partnership Priest.

The Anglican liturgy is very exact. While there is every attempt to personalize the liturgy and make the service meaningful and memorable for the couple this cannot be done at the expense of the theological understanding of Christian marriage. Couples are required to do a marriage preparation course and this is most easily accomplished with lots of notice. For further information on weddings please access the material (in pdf) listed below.

    Liturgy Without Communion

    Every marriage shall be solemnized in the presence of at least two witnesses in addition to the officiating minister.

    Liturgy With Communion

    A proper preface for Marriage has been provided for Eucharistic Prayer 3. One of the other eucharistic prayers may be used, if desired.

    Marriage Application

    The Marriage Application can be printed as a booklet or two separate pages. It is to be filled out in full and returned to the Partnership Priest.

    Marriage Declaration

    Marriage declaration found in Schedule A of Canon XXI of General Synod to be signed and returned to the Partnership Priest.

    Marriage Guidelines

    No alterations or additions may be made to the wedding service, including the vows as found in the authorized wedding liturgies of the Anglican Church of Canada.

    Marriage Readings

    Two or three readings, including a Gospel reading, shall normally be read. Members of the family and friends of the bride and groom may read lessons. A psalm, canticle, hymn, anthem, or period of silence may follow the lessons.

    Optional Intercession

    The Prayers of the People may be led by a friend or member of a family of the bride or groom. This optional Intercession gives thanks for the blessing and life of a daughter, son or children.

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    Marriage is a gift of God and a means of God's grace. In marriage, two people give themselves to each other, and they begin a new life together in the community. An act of Christian marriage assumes a commitment to the way of Jesus Christ in our lives together. We believe that Christian marriage is a sacrament - that is, a powerful means and sign of God's grace for God's people - and so we are committed to that vision, and more importantly, to your future relationship as a married couple following Christ's way of life as members of the church.

    Christian marriage celebrates the union of a couple in the context of their relationship with Christ and the whole Christian family. If you’re thinking about celebrating your marriage in the Anglican Church, we’re excited and happy to hear from you. All couples are welcome to contact the Partnership Priest, at least 90 days before the date you’d like to get married. We are more than a place to have a wedding, we are a place to be married, to live our best lives together and to celebrate God’s gift of love and life.